About mogsie

Mogsie's real name is Erik Mogensen. This site is my on-line identity.

These are the key events of my life:

  • Born in Oslo, Norway, June 1972, shortly before the Watergate scandal broke, and a couple of weeks before Atari was founded
  • Moved to the U.A.E. in '78
  • Acquired love of computers, '81, on a TRS-80
  • Returned to Norway in '86
  • Took International Baccalaureate at Berg vgs '89-'91
  • Met the love of my life, May '91
  • The odd programming job '91-'92
  • Twelve months in the army January-December '93
  • Started part time job at IBM Software in Norway April '94
  • Started studying economics at University of Oslo August '94
  • In charge of layout in Observator, August '94
  • Started full-time job at IBM Norway March '96
  • IBM wasn't for me, started in Escenic in October '00
  • Married the love of my life May '05
  • Our son Amund was born in the hot summer of '06
  • Our son Herman was born in the not-so-cold winter of '08
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