Erik Mogensen

Hi! You might have dropped by because you searched for your name and this thing popped up in the search results. Well that's because Erik Mogensen knows someone with that name. It might be you.

Seriously. If you know Erik then wow, you've found his page, and you'll probably find your name down there along with all the other people he knows. This is his home page.

As you can tell, Erik likes to be called mogsie; a nickname thrust upon him back in 1993, when he was serving his mandatory year in the army. It sort of stuck.

Mogsie's sites

My own blog
I write (perhaps once a month) about interesting stuff in the world of computer science. From design patterns to understanding REST, from to the latest unix command that has me dazed.
mogsie on twitter
Mostly just to claim the name. I'm not fond of centralized systems like this.
mogsie on
I've wired up a few of my music players to scrobble to to find new music. The latest addition would be a SqueezeCenter scrobbling what we play in the living room.
mogsie on Origo
A norwegian social networking site (sic) where I tried to get a norwegian web architecture blog going. It's pretty quiet there.
mogsie on delicious
I use delicious to keep track of sites that interest me and that I may want to go back to. I prefer to twitter for harvesting links.
shared items from google reader
I can't be bothered to add everything cool to delicious, so these are the ones from my blog reading One day I guess I'll feed them into a delicious tag.
mogsie on LinkedIn
My linkedin profile. I may shun linkedin if xfn takes of...
mogsie on claimID
I'm claiming turf on the web too.

Mogsie's network

This is my network of family and friends, people I know and work with, and who may know me. I try to keep track of web sites that define you, just like defines me.

If you're listed here with an URI that doesn't point anywhere, or that points to a web page that isn't about you (or if you have a better page) then please drop me a line. If you feel you've been left out, I'm sorry. Drop me a line and I'll see what I can do. This page is indeed xfn friendly, and I hereby invite you to join xfn.

If you do know me, and I know you, please accept my apologies for not listing you.

If you do join xfn, please link directly to, not this page (and tell me about it). And please bear with me that I'm still building this page!

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